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The look of your water bill is changing soon. Here’s what is different.

Everyone has a glow up – in this case, it’s the City of Sugar Land’s water bill that got the makeover. Resident can expect changes to the look of their water bill coming soon. Read more below to see how your water bill has – and hasn’t – changed.

So, what’s changing?

The size of your water bill

Your bill will now be the size of a full sheet of paper. It will be mailed to you in an envelope and include a return envelope to send in your payment if you aren’t paying online.

You can now see your consumption history.

Residents will now be able to track the consumption history of their household to see what seasons they use the most water. This consumption history will only include readings from your domestic meter, not any other meters you may have like an irrigation meter.

The size of delinquent notices

Notices for delinquent water bills will be on a full-sized sheet of paper instead of a carbon copy.

Late fees will not be charged

We’re working through this new transition, so late fees will not be charged during this change.

The email your bill is coming from.

If you receive e-bills, your water bill will now come from — be sure to save that to your address book.

What isn’t changing?

The time your bill is issued.

Please continue to expect your water bill at the same time you receive it each month. The only thing that will be different is the way it looks!

Your account number

Your account number will remain the same, although your customer number and your account number will now be separated into two different fields.

How you pay

Payment options haven’t changed, so you won’t have to make worry about electronic bills, credit card auto-pay, or automatic bank drafts.

Have more questions about your new water bill? Call the 311 Contact Center by dialing 311 or calling 281-275-2900.

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