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Sugar Land’s generator rebate program promotes preparedness and resiliency

Sugar Land City Council recently approved modifications to the Generator Rebate Program. Due to an increased demand for permanent standby generators, homeowners are waiting longer than anticipated for the installation of permanent standby generators. City Council modified aspects related to the Generator Rebate Program allowing more time for more homeowners to install permanent standby generators at their homes and qualify for the rebate program. A complete Residential Building Permit application must be submitted to the city by Nov. 30, 2021 to qualify for the rebate – a permit does not have to be issued prior to nor does the installation have to be completed before November 30th. The rebate form is submitted by the property owner/homeowner after installation is complete and all required city inspections have been completed and approved.

The rebate covers city permit and plan check fees associated with the installation of permanent standby generators (approx. $600).  In June 2021, Sugar Land City Council established a Generator Rebate Program. The rebate was created as an additional relief option as part of a broader residential reinvestment/resiliency pilot program in an effort to support additional recovery efforts for residents following Winter Storm Uri while also looking ahead proactively as hurricane season started. Overall, this type of reinvestment in Sugar Land neighborhoods promotes preparedness and supports resiliency during and after severe weather. 

​For more about generator permits and to submit a complete application, visit

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