Public Safety

Safety training exercise ensures first responders stay prepared for anything

The City of Sugar Land’s emergency response and support departments teamed up with other local first responder agencies, mental health organizations, and hospitals, for a training exercise to assess the ability of local entities to respond to a complex, no-notice incident. 

This collaborative effort tested the interoperability of multiple organizations. Trainings like this make sure that local partners stay prepared for any event, ensuring resident safety along the way.  

Look through the photos below to see some scenes from the training.

Volunteers and exercise support staff discuss expectations for the event.
Local health authorities, as well as Sugar Land PD and Fire-EMS, participated in the training.
Local area residents, the Sugar Land Citizens Fire Academy, Sugar Land PD, and city employees were used as actors during the exercise.
The exercise simulated an active violence incident at Smart Financial Centre and Sugar Land Baptist Church.
Local first response entities practiced skills to ensure they were ready if a real emergency were to occur.
The exercise simulated a real emergency, including actors playing the role of victims.
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