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Sugar Land launches text message system, enhances engagement with residents

The City of Sugar Land is excited to announce our newest resident engagement tool, TextMyGov! TextMyGov provides text-based communications to over 350 cities and counties throughout the United States including many throughout Texas. We’ve heard straight from Sugar Landers via 311, Citizen Satisfaction Survey, and through our social media platforms that our community prefers to receive notifications regarding time sensitive services that impact day-to-day life (i.e. solid waste disruptions) via text message, so we feel TextMyGov will be a great addition to our communications toolkit.

So what can I expect to receive texts about?

The goal of TextMyGov is really to deliver time-sensitive updates on things the city does that may impact your day-to-day life as a resident. So notifications will include things like solid waste disruptions, construction notices, and public engagement opportunities (think community-wide surveys or meetings in your area where staff is seeking public input on a project or initiative). The best part? You’ll have the opportunity to sign-up for both citywide text messages and neighborhood-level text messages. Citywide texts will notify you of things that impact the city as a whole (or at the very least, a large portion), while neighborhood text messages will keep you updated on service level impacts that only affect your particular neighborhood.

I’m in! How do I get started?

Excellent question, we’re glad you asked!

First, head over to and follow the instructions on the page! To subscribe to citywide text messages, just text the word SUGARLAND to 91896.

Signing-up for citywide texts is simple!

Next, if you want to receive text messages that are tailored to your specific HOA or neighborhood, just type in the name of your neighborhood in the search box, then click “Get my code!” Once you have your neighborhood code, text it to 91896. If you live in Greatwood or New Territory, pay special attention! Since your neighborhoods are both split into two solid waste service areas, Greatwood residents will need to determine if their address falls within Greatwood North or South, while New Territory residents will fall in either New Territory East or West. Use the maps below to see which one you’d need to sign up for!

The best part? You can subscribe to as many groups as you’d like. Want to receive both citywide and neighborhood text messages? You got it! Have a parent in Sugar Mill but you live in Woodstream? No problem! Subscribe to both neighborhoods to stay informed. The sky is truly the limit.

What about emergency notifications? Is TextMyGov a replacement?

In a word… nope! TextMyGov is intended to be complementary to, and not in replacement of our existing emergency/urgent notification tool. Therefore, residents are still heavily encouraged to sign up for emergency notifications at Just like residents should call 9-1-1 for emergencies and 3-1-1 for day-to-day service questions, residents should look for emergency notifications during situations like extreme weather or other shelter-in-place events, while looking to TextMyGov for day-to-day service level updates.

To sign-up for citywide and neighborhood-level texts, head on over to www.sugarlandtx.govTextMyGov.

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