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Sugar Land offers free irrigation system evaluations

What is the W.I.S.E Guys Program?

Water Irrigation System Evaluation (W.I.S.E. Guys) is a program designed to promote efficient outdoor water use. The City of Sugar Land contracts with W.I.S.E. Guys to provide Sugar Land residents with a free comprehensive evaluation of your irrigation system.  

What to Expect

A licensed irrigator will evaluate your irrigation system, make recommendations to improve the performance of the system, and advise you on the most efficient watering schedule. This helps you to avoid irrigation system inefficiencies that contribute to high water consumption and high water bills! But don’t worry, there’s no obligation to make the repairs. To qualify for a W.I.S.E Guys evaluation, irrigation systems must be in working condition.

  1. Request your free evaluation

A licensed irrigator trained in water efficiency will reply to schedule an appointment to thoroughly evaluate your system and suggest improvements to achieve water efficiency.

Proper Maintenance is Key 

 As irrigation systems age, proper maintenance is critical to prevent wasting water. The conditions listed below contribute to water waste:

  1. Broken sprinkler heads
  2. Mature plants that block spray patterns
  3. Changes in water pressure that result in over-spraying and misting
  4. Misaligned spray heads that water the street and sidewalk
  5. Controller settings that are often applying too much water can make lawns and plant material weaker and less vibrant.

Take advantage of this free program that provides information to get your irrigation system in peak condition! If you have additional questions about water conservation or the W.I.S.E Guys program, please call 281-275-2450 or visit

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