Here’s how Sugar Landers can stay flood aware

Sugar Land a week after the flood of 1913

Flood Awareness Week is recognized in Texas from May 23 to May 27. In the past six years, the City of Sugar Land has experienced several major flood events, including the Memorial Day flood (2015), Tax Day flood (2016), Hurricane Harvey (2017) and the May 7th event (2019).

Flooding is not new in Fort Bend County or the City of Sugar Land. We have experienced historical flooding in the past, like the flood in 1913, where the Brazos River watershed received 25 inches of rain in three months, followed by 12 inches of rainfall over a four-day span. This event caused extensive flooding in Fort Bend County, including areas of Sugar Land.

Sugar Land a week after the flood of 1913
Sugar Land a week after the flood of 1913.

The 2022 hurricane season begins on June 1 and the City of Sugar Land urges you to take time to prepare your disaster plan and prepare for a natural disaster. Please use these tips for your emergency plan:

  1. Get flood insurance – Remember there is a 30 day waiting period prior to a policy taking effect.
  2. Know your flood risk – Contact the City’s Engineering Department at (281) 275-2780 for assistance in determining your property’s flood zone.
  3. Take a household inventory – Retain an inventory in a safe place in case an insurance claim is needed.
  4. Store important documents in a safe place – Keep original documents like birth certificates and social security cards in a watertight safety deposit box.

Here are some resources you can used to be informed and stay prepared:

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