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District at Sugar Creek to request a waiver of reconsideration period for rezoning application

On May 24th the City Council held a public hearing and first reading of the ordinance for a rezoning application for The District at Sugar Creek Final Development Plan. At that meeting, the Council voted to deny the rezoning request for the project proposal.

The City of Sugar Land Development Code includes a provision that establishes that a rezoning application that is denied by City Council can re-submit after 6 months of the Council denial decision. If a rezoning application is denied by City Council, an applicant or property owner may request to resubmit the rezoning application before 6 months, and this ability must be granted by the City Council, per the Development Code.

The applicant team for The District at Sugar Creek has submitted a formal request for the City Council to grant the ability for them to resubmit their rezoning application at an earlier time. There will be no technical review or recommendation being made by city staff at this time. If the City Council grants the request, the resubmitted application would restart the public review and consideration process with the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council including all required public hearings. The granting of a waiver from the 6-month reconsideration period does not circumvent or skip any of the required public rezoning processes.

This request from the applicant team will be heard and considered by the City Council during their July 19th regular meeting. The specific meeting agenda regarding this request will be posted on the city’s website by Friday, July 15, 2022. 

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