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Sugar Land Animal Shelter just rescued 129 cats from a hoarder house. Here’s how you can help.

Sugar Land Animal Services recently rescused 129 cats (and the count is rising) from a hoarding case and they desperately need your help. Staff is utilizing Duhacsek Park to house 64 cats, with all others at being housed at the shelter. We are continuing to reach out other shelters, rescue groups and agencies in the region and state to request assistance, but everyone is overcapacity and the assistance we have received has been limited to a few shelters and rescue groups.

If you have any capacity to foster or adopt a cat, or know of any rescues, please contact them through social media, call us at (281) 275-ADOG, or stop by the shelter at 101B Gillingham Ln. If you’d like to donate to shelter, visit their wishlist.

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