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Sugar Land introduces new way to help you save money on your water bill

close up photography of water bursting out of hose

Have you ever gotten an unusually high water bill because of a water leak somewhere on your property? Sugar Land has come up with a new way to help you out.

If you received a high water bill due to a leak and have fixed the leak, you might qualify for an adjustment on a future water bill thanks to a new policy spearheaded by the City’s treasury department.

“We’ve seen how high water bills can affect a resident’s quality of life,” Treasury Manager Summer O’Brien said. “This policy is meant to work with other existing programs like our Irrigation Evaluation program to ensure residents are getting top of the line customer service while knowing the city has their back.”

Residents can ­request leak adjustments online and requests must be submitted within 60 days of repair completion. Be sure to have documentation of the repair like a receipt for work done by a contractor or receipts for parts purchased to fix the repair and proof of repair completion in an electronic format. You will be contacted by the City’s Treasury department by phone or email once it is determined if your request was approved or not.

Leak adjustments are limited to one-per household in a 12-month period. After applying for the adjustment and qualifying, up to two consecutive billing periods may be eligible for an adjustment.

For more information and to apply for a leak adjustment, please visit