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Sugar Land charts path forward with latest State of the City

Sugar Land is at a crossroads, and it’s on all of us to make sure our community continues to thrive and be trailblazers – relentless in our pursuit of good so that residents, businesses and employees can enjoy a life better than they can even imagine.

Mayor Joe Zimmerman and City Manager Michael W. Goodrum delivered the annual State of the City presentation last month, and while both strongly believe that Sugar Land is still one of the best places to live – they emphasize that our community is at a crossroads. If we want this to be the community of neighborhoods our children choose to come back to live in, we really need to consider what the future of Sugar Land looks like through their eyes. We’re still relevant now, but we need to stay relevant for them. In other words, our past successes don’t necessarily equate to future success.

We absolutely cannot do this alone. It will take everyone — Council, staff, residents, HOAs/POAs, business owners and more — to make progressive changes to achieve the bold outcomes and the future we desire for this community.

The term “trailblazer” refers to those who lead the way for others to follow. Trailblazers are not afraid to take risks, try new things and push the limits of what is possible. They are the ones who change the world and make a difference. If you’re ready to trailblaze with us, visit

Watch the full 2023 State of the City presentation below:

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