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These four things can help alleviate your water bill

Summer is hitting us hard, y’all 😰. And with this heat, it can be easy to overuse water — resulting in a higher-than-usual water bill. Here are things you can do to alleviate the heat and your wallet:

  1. Recently fix a water leak on your property? Apply for a leak adjustment on your next water bill: http://www.sugarlandtx.gov/LeakAdjustment Remember, homes with leaks in their irrigation systems DO NOT qualify for a leak adjustment on their bill, but there are other ways you can conserve water to save on your bill. Visit the link above to see what types of links may qualify.
  2. Be water-wise by making sure your sprinklers are working efficiently with a FREE irrigation system evaluation. Request your free evaluation: http://www.vepollc.com/wise_request_gis.aspx?wid=1032
  3. Download the “Water My Yard” app! This app sends you tailored weekly watering advice for your specific lawn. More info: https://www.watermyyard.org/#/Location
  4. Conserve water in your home! Things like running your sprinklers twice a week instead of every day can make a world of difference. For more tips on how you can conserve water in your home, visit www.sugarlandtx.gov/waterconservation
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