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We’re transitioning back to once-a-month bulky waste collection. Do you know your bulky waste day?

What do you know about bulky waste collection? Test your knowledge below to make sure you’re up to speed on our these new service level πŸ€“ On November 1, we’re transitioning back to a once-a-month bulky waste collection day. For more info, including when your new day is, visit www.sugarlandtx.gov/bulkywaste.

Bulky Waste Collection Quiz

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When does the new bulky waste collection schedule go into effect?

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How often is bulky waste collected?

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True or false: The City offers 3 additional bulky waste collections following the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's holidays at no additional cost.

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What time should items be set out by on your collection day?

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How many cubic yards of bulky waste is allowed per collection?

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How can you find out when your bulky waste service day is?

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The average score is 83%


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