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The Thanksgiving holiday will impact trash collection and roll over to the next day in Sugar Land

How will the holiday impact my collection?

Warm like gravy, karma is a feast getting ready for my belly. Karma is the pie on the stove your grandma made at home for me.

The city will be closed this Thursday (Nov. 23) and Friday (Nov. 24) for Thanksgiving. If your solid waste collection day falls on Thursday, it will roll to Friday (kinda like us after that third piece of pie). If your collection day is Friday, it will roll to Saturday. Plus, as an early Christmas present, everyone gets an extra bulky waste day!

If you don’t know your collection day off the top of your head, head over to and type in your address! Most of the city will also have holiday bulk waste collections in addition to you regular collection, so check those out here:

What can and can’t be recycled this Thanksgiving?

  1. Foil/Foil Containers: You can recycle aluminum foil, plates, trays and disposable cooking ware in the curbside recycling program as long as it is clean and clear of food products. Otherwise, please put it in the garbage.
  2. Disposable Plates: Consider using regular plates and cutlery this year! If you choose to use paper plates, then they should be placed in the garbage cart after use.   
  3. Cardboard Boxes: Your stuffing mix and pumpkin pies usually come in a box! As long as they are clear of food, these boxes can be recycled.
  4. Egg Cartons: Foam cartons are not recyclable, but cardboard cartons are! Choose the cardboard option while you are shopping for ingredients for your feast!
  5. Glass Bottles: Recycle your brown, green and clear glass bottles after toasting with your friends and family!

Learn more about what can/can’t be recycled by visiting

Other helpful tips:

  1. Instead of throwing your leftovers away, prevent food waste by sending some home with friends, using things like ham and turkey in other recipes (can you say, turkey gumbo?!), or compost!
  2. Please please please don’t throw things like fats, oils, or grease down your drain or you’re in for a very inconvenient situation! Either save it to use for other things or utilize our oil drop-off location! Sugar Land Public Works Service Center, 101A Gillingham Lane accepts cooking oil between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m, Monday through Friday. Should you need assistance at the drop-off center, please call 281-275-2900. City residents may dispose of up to 10 gallons of liquid cooking oil per day at no charge. The cooking oil recycling center is for residential customers only and includes only liquid cooking grade fats, oils and grease, and not petroleum products. For more information, visit:
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