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Photos show how Sugar Land responded to Tropical Storm Nicholas

Tropical Storm Nicholas passed through Sugar Land earlier this week, bringing rain and strong winds to our community. City staff thoroughly prepared to ensure our community’s infrastructure was ready to weather the storm. Our entire staff did everything from prepping storm drains to clearing out fallen trees after the storm. Check out the photos below to see how staff worked to keep our residents safe!

City staff remove debris from neighborhood sidewalks in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Nicholas.
City staff work to ensure drains flow successfully as Tropical Storm Nicholas passes over Sugar Land.
Public Works staff unload cases of water in preparation for Tropical Storm Nicholas.
Prep meetings ensure that all City staff know what they need to do during the storm.
Crews work to stage high-water equipment and inspect roadways in preparation for Tropical Storm Nicholas.
Crews helped out during this weekend’s Trees for Tickets event.
Residents were able to drop off tree debris from Tropical Storm Nicholas in exchange for free Skeeters tickets.
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