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Looking for forever: Life as a stray in the Sugar Land Animal Shelter

Hi, I’m Fido. And it’s hard for me to remember where I was born.

I was born a stray. My brothers and sisters and I were tasked with living on our own from a young age and had to learn how to fend for ourselves on the streets of Sugar Land.

Sometimes, a nice human would give us some food or a box for us to sleep in for the night. It was nice to feel loved for that moment in time. I didn’t know that it was possible to be loved for a lifetime.

One day, a kind stranger picked me and my siblings up and brought us to the Sugar Land Animal Shelter after realizing we didn’t have any ID tags or microchips. When we arrived, we were given vaccines and flea treatment to protect us from any yucky bugs or viruses before being put in a holding room for three days. During this time, the shelter staff worked really hard to make sure we didn’t have any humans out there looking for us.  

While we were in the room, the shelter staff checked on us throughout the day to make sure we had clean blankets, toys, food and water. It was great! My siblings and I played with each other while waiting for someone to possibly say they missed us and come take us home, but since we had been out on the streets long, no one came.

After three days of waiting in the stray hold room, it was time for us to go to the doctor.

The doctor’s visit was eventful. The vets took me and made sure I was healthy from nose to toes. The vet made sure I got a microchip, as well as spayed and neutered us to ensure that we stayed safe for life. I felt so loved. Is this what it feels like to have a human that cares for you each and every day? I could get used to this.

My friend Ivan plays with shelter volunteer Tina on his potty break.

Once I was all gussied up, I took a picture with one of my favorite humans, a shelter volunteer who took me on walks outside and let me play with other dogs looking for homes in the shelter. I made sure to look my best and directly in the camera, just in case a nice human saw and wanted me to go home with them.

When I’m not playing outside or getting to know some volunteers around the shelter, I’m sleeping in my kennel waiting for the right human to come and play with me. Shelter volunteers look out for me when I’m in my kennel, and when I’m being a good boy, they give me an A+ on my report card for good behavior.

My pal Wylie’s report card tells us about his personality and what he likes to do for fun.

I was laying in my kennel one day when the remarkable happened. A pack of humans – two big, one small – came up to my kennel. The little one kept talking to the two big ones, saying stuff like “this one’s so cute” and “I like him.” A shelter staffer opened my kennel, put me on a leash and, next thing I knew, I was going home with them! The shelter staff said this was a sleepover, so I made a note to try and be on my best behavior. Maybe if I acted well, they would keep me permanently!

When we got to their house, I jumped up and down in excitement.

Their house was beautiful! I was on a street with a lot of trees and a fenced-in yard big enough for me to run as many laps as I wanted to.

The little human picked me up and carried me into the house. I had never been in a house before. It looked like there was a lot of things for me to play with and sleep on. The chairs in particular looked really comfy, and the windows were just the right height for me to serve on the neighborhood watch.

The next two days, I played my heart out.

I ran around with the little human to make sure that she knew I liked her. I followed the two big humans around to make sure they liked me too. When they asked me to cuddle, I cuddled. When they gave me treats and told me to sit, I did as I was told. I had so much fun with them that I never wanted to leave.

The animal shelter was nice, sure, but I could tell that this was my home. This was where I belonged.

On the morning of my last day with the humans, I got worried. The humans weren’t home when I woke up. I waited patiently for what seemed like forever before the little human came barreling through the front door to find me. She wrapped me in her arms and gave me a big hug.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “You’re not going anywhere. You’re home.”

My friends Ivan and Wylie are still available at the Sugar Land Animal Shelter for adoption. Ivan has been at the shelter for about 8 months, while Wylie has been there a year. They’re both loving, energetic dogs ready to find their forever homes. For more information on any of my pals at the shelter, visit

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