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5 waste services Sugar Land residents may not know about

Solid Waste Resources

Did you know that Sugar Land residents have access to additional solid waste services? From extra trash pickups to the Cart Assistance Program, residents can make sure all their trash needs are met.

Bulk Cardboard Collection

Did you go a little crazy this month with online shopping? Sign up for a free bulk cardboard collection! This is a great service to take advantage of when you have too much cardboard to fit into your recycle cart. Find out how to schedule a collection here: https://www.sugarlandtx.gov/1409/Bulk-Cardboard-Recycling

Additional Bulky Waste Collection

Don’t let trash pickup get in the way of a good spring cleaning or a big Super Bowl party. By scheduling an additional bulky waste collection, you can rest assured that your trash needs will be met. This service is subject to an additional fee, depending on the amount and materials collected. For more info on bulky waste collection, visit https://www.sugarlandtx.gov/518/Bulky-Waste 

Textile Recycling

Have textiles, like bedding, clothing or handbags, that are not in good enough shape to donate? Then schedule a free textile pickup by Green City Recycler. This program targets textiles going into landfills, but we always recommend that residents donate first and recycle second so you don’t trash your textiles. For more info on how to prepare for a textile recycling pickup, visit https://www.sugarlandtx.gov/1407/Textile-Recycling 

Additional Cart Options

If you regularly have more trash or recycling than can fit into your cart, you have the option of ordering additional carts for a small fee. An additional garbage cart will run you $5.32 per month and a one-time delivery fee of $26.83. An additional recycle cart also has a one-time delivery fee of $26.83 but with no monthly charge. To order your carts, you can call Republic Services at (713) 726-7307 or dial 311.

Cart Assistance Program

The Cart Assistance Program is a free service provided to residents who have a physical condition which prohibits them from moving the garbage and recycle carts to the curb for collection. Once enrolled, a staff member will pull the carts down in the morning and return them after pickup. This program does not include assistance for green waste, bulky waste, textile recycling or on-call bulk cardboard recycling.

Residents can enroll in the Cart Assistance Program by completing the program application. The application must be certified by a medical doctor. Once the application has been approved, you will be notified of the start date for the program. Periodic audits will be required to maintain enrollment.

Bonus! Disposal Directory

From aerosol cans to Ziploc bags, our free disposal directory will tell you how to properly dispose of many common items. Learn more here: https://www.sugarlandtx.gov/384/Disposal-Directory

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