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Citizen-approved drainage project accelerated in Sugar Creek

Sugar Land City Council recently approved approximately $824,000 to accelerate a portion of a drainage project in the Sugar Creek subdivision.

The approved items include about 400 linear feet of drainage work from south of Wellington to just east of Charleston South. The work will include the removal and replacement of the existing roadway and the addition of a new waterline, storm sewers, fire hydrants, water valves and related items.

The project was originally included in the second phase of the Sugar Creek drainage improvements planned for fiscal year 2024. Due to rising construction costs, the improvements are being added to the first phase, which is currently in progress. Accelerating the work allows the city to lock in phase one pricing and save money for taxpayers. The drainage work was included in four general obligation bond propositions totaling $90.76 million decisively approved by Sugar Land voters on Nov. 5, 2019.  

The projects covering drainage, facilities, mobility and safety included in the propositions were selected based on extensive planning through various master plans, City Council input and the results of citizen satisfaction surveys that indicated drainage, public safety and traffic/mobility are the top three priorities for residents.

Voters approved more than $47 million for drainage improvements, including the $8.8 million Sugar Creek project that includes the upsizing of existing storm sewer pipes, outfall and inlets along with pavement replacement along the entire stretch of Montclair Drive from the outfall at the Centerpoint easement up to Country Club Boulevard.

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