Want to change the way you get around Sugar Land? Learn how to contribute your ideas.

The Summer 2022 Mobility Master Plan survey is ready to go, and we want to hear from you!

Thanks to feedback from the community over the last two summers, the City has a strong foundation of mobility challenges and needs and has identified core values to guide the Mobility Master Plan. The mobility survey focuses on draft strategies to guide mobility-related decision making for the city and the Transformative Mobility Network identifying corridors where investment could have the greatest impact towards achieving the City’s mobility goals, so your feedback is incredibly important!

Take the survey here: Survey participants will have their name entered in a giveaway for the chance to win tickets to a Sugar Land Space Cowboys game!

In addition to the survey, we have some amazing opportunities for you to meet city staff along with members of the Mobility Task Force in real life! During these public engagement opportunities, the Mobility Master Plan Team will be there to gather your feedback and present information about the plan – including a story map outlining the work completed and past engagement efforts.

I love providing feedback! But can you remind me of what the Mobility Master Plan is again?

The City of Sugar Land is updating its Mobility Master Plan to help achieve the Vision for Superior Mobility outlined in the City’s Comprehensive Plan: Vision 2025. The City updates its master plans to help create and prioritize the strategies that the City will undertake to improve mobility over time. Mobility has been identified as the number one priority of Sugar Land residents, so the City of Sugar Land is embarking on a transformative planning effort that will address the City’s mobility needs today and propel the City into the future. The community-led Mobility Master Plan will support mobility for all through a portfolio of solutions centered on transportation network enhancements and innovation focused on moving people and goods. The proposed Mobility Plan will encompass all modes, including walking, biking, driving, and/or taking transit. Sugar Land strives to be a leader in mobility, this Plan will create a road map to comprehensively address the mobility needs of residents and visitors today and support the success of generations to come! Here’s where we are in the process:

How do I make sure my voice is heard and I’m being represented?

In addition to the survey, the city published an interactive mobility tool where the community showed us where they like (or don’t like) to move around Sugar Land. For example, people used this tool to identify areas in our community where we need more sidewalks to accommodate walkers, intersections with traffic congestion and in need of safety improvements, or potential locations for a future park and rides to make the existing transit services in the city more accessible.

Additionally, back in January of 2020, the City Council formed a Citizen Task Force (Mobility Task Force or MTF) for the development of the Mobility Master Plan by appointing 22 members that represent diverse mobility interests, including drivers, cyclists, walkers, transit users, seniors, parents of school children, people with disabilities, major employers, and local businesses. This Mobility Task Force is:

  1. Participating in community dialogue and education process regarding general transportation and mobility issues
  2. Reviewing the City’s current mobility plans including the Comprehensive Mobility Plan, Pedestrian & Bicycle Master Plan, and the Master Thoroughfare Plan
  3. Reviewing the City’s policy questions to be addressed through the development of the Plan, and to provide input on policy changes as well as new policies
  4. Making a recommendation of the Plan to City Council for consideration
  5. Serving as advocates for the development of the Plan within the community while the project is ongoing

For more information on the Mobility Task Force, visit

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