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Quiz: How Sugar Land are you?

Are you the ultimate Sugar Lander? Answer the questions below to find out how much you know about the sweetest city in Texas.

If you’ve met Orion the Space Cowboy, add 5. If you are Orion the Space Cowboy, add 20. If you don’t know who Orion the Space Cowboy is, subtract 20.

If you’ve taken in a sunset at Oyster Creek Park, add 10. If you overcame a fear of the outdoors to do so, add 5.

If you’ve feasted your way through Sugar Land Town Square, add 10. If you’ve shopped at any local Sugar Land retailer, add 5.

If you think Sugar Land is one word, subtract 20.

If you’ve been to Sugar Land City Hall, add 5. If you’ve ever found yourself thinking “City Hall is really pretty”, add 15.

If you’ve ever volunteered at the city event, add 10. If you’ve ever invited your friends to volunteer with you and they actually showed up, add 5 more.

If you’ve ever seen a show at Smart Financial Centre, add 5. If you or your family have ever played in the water in front of Smart Financial Centre, add 5 more.

If you’ve lived in Sugar Land less than five years, add 5. If you’ve lived in Sugar Land between 5-15 years, add 10. If you’ve lived in Sugar Land more than 15 years, add 20.

If you’ve attended an HOA meeting, add 10. If you’ve ever made a public comment at an HOA meeting, add 5.

If you’ve walked outside and been blasted with 90% humidity, add 10. Did you instantly start sweating too? Add 10 more.

If you’ve ever taken a selfie with the “Selfie Girls,” add 10. If you’ve ever sang some tunes with “Guitar Guy,” add 10 more.

If you’ve taken a hike on our trails, add 10. If you’ve hiked, biked, or walked at least 20 miles of the trails, add 15.

If you’ve taken your dog to Pawm Springs Dog Park, add 10.

If you’ve ever sat in traffic on 59, add 10. If you’ve ever put your car in park in said traffic, add 5 more.

If you can name all the members of City Council, add 10. If you know which one is serving as mayor, add 5. If you didn’t know we had a City Council, subtract 20.

If you’ve ever come across a painted traffic box while driving, add 10.

If you’ve had a picnic at Sugar Land Memorial Park, add 10. If you’ve ever marveled at the beauty of the Sugar Land Veteran’s Memorial, add 5. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “what the heck is that concrete in the distance?” while looking at the Sugar Land Veteran’s Memorial, subtract 15.

If you’ve been to Constellation Field, add 10. If you think Constellation Field is the name of NASA’s next big space project, subtract 15.

If you’ve visited the Houston Museum of Natural Science –Sugar Land, add 10.

If you can name five famous Sugar Landers, add 5. If you are a famous Sugar Lander, add 20.


If you scored 100+: You are a bonafide Sugar Lander!  You can make it across town without GPS and know exactly how to make the best of life in Sugar Land.

If you scored 50-100: You’re on your way! You know the basics, but now is the time to ramp up your knowledge of Sugar Land to expert level.

If you scored up to 50: You’ve still got some learning to do, but don’t worry! You can start by keeping tabs on what’s happening in and around Sugar Land by subscribing to the Sugar Scoop newsletter. Sign up here.

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