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Did you receive a solid waste violation on your door? Here are your next steps.

Oops! You’ve received an environmental violation on your door or at the curb from the City of Sugar Land or Republic Services.  

  1. What the heck does that mean? 
  2. What should you do now? 

The answer to those questions are: don’t panic and we got you! These door tags have been a common way of educating Sugar Land residents for years. We wanted to give you a quick refresher on what you should do if you receive one! 


You can receive a door tag for a variety of reasons, including not placing your trash cart outside on time (or vice versa! Not picking it up on time can get you a tag too!), putting your cart out on the wrong day, blocking sidewalks with carts, having more than 10 cubic yards of green waste out to be collected, green waste not being in a clear bag and more. These tags will either be from the City of Sugar Land itself or from Republic Services. 

If City staff sees anything at the curb that is out of compliance, they will always try to contact you directly by either knocking on your door or giving you a quick phone call. If you’re not home, they’ll leave the door tag so that you know about the violation!  

If these violations at your property continue after multiple warnings, City staff will then transition their focus to enforcement and will fine according to City ordinances. 

For more information, visit www.sugarlandtx.gov/SolidWaste.  

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