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These residents used the Great Homes Design Program to re-envision their homes. You can, too.

Have you been contemplating a home renovation to give your house a fresh and modern feel? The City of Sugar Land has a new program available for all Sugar Land homeowners: The Great Homes Design Program.

The Great Homes Design Program is ready to provide Sugar Land homeowners and homeowner associations with a creative, re-envisioned exterior home design at an exclusive cost.

“This is the perfect opportunity for any Sugar Land homeowners who want to give their homes a nice facelift but don’t know where to start,” Community Development Program Strategist Jon Soriano said.

Here’s how it works.

Any Sugar Land homeowner can apply for the Great Homes Design Program to receive discounted exterior design services through one of two leading home design firms — Brick & Batten or Dzinly. Once a voucher is received, a program participant will specify their home design preferences and HOA restrictions to the designer.

The design vendor will then provide a revamped exterior home design to the program participant. Participants will also receive a clickable shopping list to implement their new home design. If homeowners substantially implement at least one qualifying exterior improvement to their home within six months of receiving a design, they may be eligible for a $500 rebate.

“A professionally-done home design has the power to inspire homeowners to make impactful improvements to the exterior of their homes,” Soriano said. “When you engage in the process of envisioning and designing your ideal home, it opens up opportunities to explore creative ideas and innovative solutions for the exterior. This process can spark inspiration and motivate you to take action in transforming the outward appearance of your home.”

Over 65 Sugar Land residents have already taken advantage of the program to receive a voucher to get discounted home design services. This program is just one way Sugar Landers can be intentional in their effort to reinvest in our community and recognize that Sugar Land will not continue to be a desirable place to live if we don’t adapt to long-term shifts in market demands and demographic trends.

See some of their designs below to see how the Great Homes Design Program can help you inspire your own improvements and upgrade your home.

For more info and to apply for the Great Homes Design Program, visit

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