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Miss the mixed-use zoning town hall? Watch it here. 

The City of Sugar Land is actively working on ways to enhance our community’s quality of life through the creation of new mixed-use zoning regulations. But we need your help! Your participation and feedback is important as we take new steps to establish effective mixed-use zoning regulations that will propel Sugar Land into the future.  

These mixed-use zoning regulations are especially important as the City finds the best way to respond to long-term shifts in market demands and demographic trends and implement Activity Centers that combine offices, housing, retail, entertainment, and civic uses, which were identified in the 2018 Land Use Plan update.  

The mixed-use zoning code aims to:

  1. Create Vibrant Activity Centers: We are committed to developing Activity Centers that blend offices, housing, retail, entertainment, and civic uses, promoting a dynamic and engaging community environment, as envisioned by the Land Use Plan.
  2. Integrate Residential and Commercial Uses: The introduction of two new mixed-use zoning districts will enable the integration of residential and commercial land uses, fostering a cohesive environment where both can coexist harmoniously.
  3. Follow a Transparent and Fair Process: Creating these two mixed-use zoning districts does not automatically place this zoning on any property – that requires a rezoning. All rezoning requests must go through a transparent, public, process that involves Planning & Zoning, and City Council approval. Once the mixed-use zoning is in place, staff ensures development applications are compliant and achieve City Council’s vision.

The City hosted a mixed-use town hall on Monday, May 8 at Sugar Land City Hall to introduce the new mixed-use zoning regulations and get initial feedback from residents. Weren’t able to make it? No worries. You can watch the full town hall presentation below.  

To learn more about the mixed-use zoning regulations and how to provide feedback, visit Feedback can be submitted until May 26. 

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