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View your schedule, request an additional pickup and more: The Republic App is now live!

We want to make things easier for you on your solid waste days! The City of Sugar Land, in collaboration with Republic Services, has launched a new app that will allow you to receive service alerts, view your pickup schedule and more. The app is now live in the App Store and Google Play Store and ready for Sugar Landers to use.  

This new app allows you to  

  • View your pickup schedule (and get reminders on when to put your carts out!)   
  • Report broken cart or request cart repair
  • Report a missed pickup
  • Schedule an additional pickup 
  • Schedule a bulk waste service (coming late 2023) 
  • Sign up for service alerts
  • Contact customer service 

To get the app, please follow the steps below. 

  1. Download the Republic Services App in the Apple App Store or Google Play store
  1. Create an account 
  1. Done! 

Only one account is allowed per household. If multiple people in your household would like access to the Republic App, their login will need to be shared.  

If you own more than one home or a business in Sugar Land, you will be able to connect multiple accounts under one email address, regardless of account type (residential, business, industrial).  

Soon, residents will also be able to utilize a new feature called “Track My Truck,” which allows users to do exactly that — track their truck using the Republic App. Sugar Land is the first city to utilize this technology, and we are super excited to be rolling that out on the Republic App in an update coming later on in 2023.

In addition to the app, residents can utilize Republic Service’s website to request services including bulky waste scheduling, which is not available on the app at this time but will be available by the end of the year.  

For more information on solid waste in Sugar Land, please visit www.sugarlandtx.gov/SolidWaste.  

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