Solid Waste

Your bulk waste service is returning to once-a-month pickup next month – here’s why. 

Effective waste management is essential to maintaining a high quality of life for Sugar Land residents. Sugar Land, in collaboration with Republic Services and the community, has continuously sought ways to optimize bulky waste collection services.  

In January 2023, bulk waste service changed to an on-call, concierge service in an effort to meet the diverse needs of the community. Prior to that transition, bulk waste collection previously occurred once a month, on either the first, second, third, or fourth Monday of each month depending on your neighborhood. However, after months with an on-call bulk waste schedule and mutual feedback received from City staff, Republic Services, and the community, the City will be moving bulk waste collection back to the once-a-month Monday schedule effective November 1, 2023. 

“The introduction of an on-call bulky waste schedule aimed to offer enhanced flexibility to residents following an extensive public engagement period,” Nicole Solis, assistant director of environmental and neighborhood services, said. “The reality is that it created additional logistical and efficiency concerns that were shared by not only City staff but by Republic Services and our community.” 

Republic Services presented a proposal to Sugar Land that allows the City to return to the once-a-month Monday routine for bulky waste pickup with no impact on the current monthly rate.  

“When we fully transitioned the City to Republic Services in January, we signed a contract that made us partners for the long haul,” Solis said. “This move is proof that we hear resident concerns and a testament to Sugar Land’s commitment in providing efficient and effective waste management services.” 

Most residents should expect to return to their original collection day prior to the January 2023 solid waste transition, but bulk waste collection schedules will be mailed to home and residents may also confirm their new bulk waste collection day at

Residents can also go ahead and use to confirm their collection day ahead of the November transition back to once-a-month pickups! 

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