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We’re leaving the mixed-use code behind and prioritizing redevelopment at Imperial & Lake Pointe

For the past year, the city has been working to develop a mixed-use zoning district and has sought feedback from the community on how to incorporate mixed-use zoning into our community. During the July 19 City Council Meeting, City Council determined a new direction, to no longer pursue the creation of a mixed-use zoning district. Instead, the focus will be on creating a redevelopment district specific to Lake Pointe Plaza, currently home to Fluor, and an identified Regional Activity Center (RAC) in the 2018 Land Use Plan. 

Today, only 4% of the City’s land is undeveloped and there are limited opportunities to expand our city boundaries. The 2018 Land Use Plan anticipated the City’s future build-out and outlined a strategy to reimagine growth in Sugar Land through the creation of RACs. 

These RACs are envisioned to be the commercial and civic hubs of the city that attract people to work, shop, eat, and attend events, with mixed-use and walkability being key to their success. Mixed-use developments not only breathe new life into our central core but also generate a high taxable value within our existing infrastructure and service levels; creating new revenues for the city to sustain our high-level of services and amenities without the extra cost of servicing these developments. 

“To remain relevant, we must constantly be reevaluating the best approaches to our future,” Devon Rodriguez, director of community planning and redevelopment, said. “This latest mixed-use code project was not a fit for Sugar Land city-wide.  Instead, we will be re-focusing our efforts on key redevelopment areas – Imperial and Lake Pointe – to implement successful mixed-use development, just as we did over 20 years ago with the creation of Sugar Land Town Square.” 

Our commitment to carrying out the 2018 Land Use Plan’s guiding vision for Activity Centers, combined with our unwavering focus on redevelopment, is the driving force behind the focus on the Lake Pointe Redevelopment District.

We are committed to trailblazing an economic ecosystem better than we could have ever imagined by focusing on creating diverse housing options and the cultural/entertainment amenities necessary to attract and retain primary employers. This strategy will keep our economy strong, fund the high level of services our residents expect, and work to keep our tax rate among the state’s lowest for cities our size.  Redeveloping Lake Pointe is a great step forward.   

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