Quick Scoops

Don’t look up! Here’s how to enjoy Saturday’s eclipse safely

Sugar Landers will see a partial eclipse pass through the City for approximately 3 hours and 10 minutes on Saturday. From 10:26 a.m. to 1:27 p.m., residents and visitors can expect about 85% of the sun covered by a solar eclipse.

But don’t look up! While the sun will be partially covered as it moves through our area, phenomena like crescent and sharper shadows will also be present. Sunglasses won’t protect your eye from the increased glares, so if you’re interested in watching the eclipse with your eyes, we recommend some solar eclipse glasses. Solar eclipse glasses are about 100,000 times darker than ordinary sunglasses and block all visible light as well as all infrared and ultraviolet light, according to The Planetary Society. You should be able to find eclipse glasses at your local store.

Feeling crafty? You can also make your own pinhole projector to view the eclipse with a cereal box! Here’s a video from NASA that shows you how.

By the way: we strongly encourage you not to take pictures with a camera or phone during the eclipse. Taking a photo could damage your camera lenses and damage your eyes in the process.

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